Shahzeb Khan is an environment activist and a member of the American National Wild life Federation’s Young Leaders’ Club. His work has been commended by President Barack Obama for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Stewardship. He was first published at the age of ten in the weekly magazine of the daily “Dawn” when he contributed a long essay on how Islands form and how life evolves on Islands. He has subsequently had the honor of being the youngest Op-Ed columnist for the Pakistan based English language newspaper ‘Daily Times’ when, at age fifteen, he contributed a critique of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s attitude towards environmental issues in the  Op-Ed titled “Romney and the Earth.”  At age thirteen, he was chosen to write a blog every week for a year on a US based online environmental magazine ‘Action for Nature.’ Shahzeb is also a published poet. His poetry has been published in ‘Dawn,’ ‘Skipping Stones’ (an award winning multicultural magazine printed in the US) and the ‘Express Tribune.’ (affiliate of International Herald Tribune) Shahzeb won an art award from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC at the age of eleven and at age fourteen made his first documentary film on street children titled “Feed the Child, Not the Crime Against Him.” He is the author and illustrator of the book “The Tiny King and the Evil Sorcerer.”

That was then,

Now, in 2016, Shahzeb Khan is a director and co-founder at Pakistan’s People Led Disaster Management (PPLDM).


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