America’s New President

Donald Trump is now the 45 president of the United States of America. Barack Obama, after leading the country for eight years, is now an ordinary civilian. It is Trump’s first full day in office and already, his presidency is eventful. He has taken his first steps to undermine Obamacare and massive protests are taking place against him in America and around the world. I believe it is emblematic of what Trump’s term as president is going to be like and if I am to make a prediction about what his first 100 days will be like, it is that he will be very busy and there will be a lot of tensions.

Trump is a radical president and is likely to create major changes. What those changes will be is what makes so many people so apprehensive. But as we look ahead to an uncertain four years, we should remember that we all have a part to play in the running of the world and we can work for the changes that we want. And now may be the time when it is most important for people to get active.


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