Inaugurating the New President

Eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency are going to come to an end. We will now witness the ushering in of a new period in the most powerful country on Earth, the United States of America, and it is a very important change. President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration is coming, a series of ceremonies marking his transformation into the new president.
Normally, it is an exciting event (it most certainly was for Obama’s first term), but the nation is less enthusiastic about the upcoming one than normal. Many musicians have refused to perform at the inauguration, politicians are boycotting it, and many demonstrations and protests are planned to occur alongside it. But the inauguration is still an important event and we need to decide how we go through it in order to help determine what the future of the country under Trump will be.
One of the most important parts of the inauguration is the inaugural speech, Donald Trump’s first speech as President of the United States. It is the introduction he will give us to his term as president. Generally, in an inaugural speech, the new president outlines his basic vision or his basic plans for the country and gives a message to stir or uplift the people and inspire them, invoking something about the country and not his administration. Donald Trump has his speech ready. He says that he wrote it some time ago and that it will be short and simple.
As Donald enters office facing historic opposition from broad swathes of society, we should consider that words can have great power and that what he says can significantly change people’s opinion of him. It is possible for a leader to say something so radical and unique that it causes a huge shift in public thinking, that it sways the mind of almost everybody, and also that it turns people’s thoughts in a new direction. All that is needed is for it to be thought up and that can require a great deal of creativity. For communication with their fellow man and the expressing of ideas are among the most creative and imaginative of endeavors people can engage themselves in.
Saying that, I will give my own suggestions as to what President Donald Trump should say in his inaugural. I hope he reads this in time and incorporates these ideas into his speech at the last minute. A proper inaugural speech for Trump is a considerable task to create because of how bitter and divided the country is currently and how badly the people are in need of something to uplift them and calm them and bring them together.
National unity is already expected to be a main theme in Trump’s speech (and has been in most inaugurals, since, after all, elections rarely see the entire nation getting together and agreeing on the same thing). All sorts of issues divide Americans. They overtly are generally political in nature but are mostly social issues in their core, since politics is about governing and guiding society. So, when the masses argue about what party should be in power and what politician should be in a certain office and what legislation should be passed, they are usually arguing about issues that affect their personal lives, often in immensely important ways. That is what makes people so passionate about politics and also bitter and divided over it.
Donald Trump should emphasize the endeavors that bring people of a nation together. America has been from the start been made great by virtue of its political achievements, but it also has been made great by the technological pursuits of its people, the scientific pursuits, the cultural pursuits, what people have built and continue to build. Donald Trump should emphasize them as a way to move the country forward and to make America great again, for that was how America was great. Trump should declare that the productivity of Americans must be encouraged.
So, however, should be their political mindset. For the political system of America is what allows its citizens to flourish so. The freedoms insured by the Constitution are the nation’s most important assets and enable all Americans to follow all their dreams and their pursuits. The political system is what also protects the people and ensures for them a sufficient lifestyle. So Americans must be kept mindful of politics and be kept engaged with the political processes as they engage in other pursuits in life as well.
President Trump should offer words that soothe the American people after they had to go through one of the nation’s most tumultuous and bitter election campaigns and a transition period that also saw its share of stress and now face a future which is likely to be similar. Maybe he should talk about something light-hearted. For example, he can encourage the people to take a rest from the election and take a break from the political issues by getting focused on something else, one of the aforementioned non-political pursuits that Americans are good at. One example would be to wait for and see the movies that are upcoming. Perhaps he should also encourage the country to make 2017 or the next year a great year in film.
Finally, to soothe tensions and bring people together, it would be a good idea for Trump to emphasize that this is less about him and his administration and more about the country and that people from all swathes of society, not just the president, are important to the running and the well-being of the country.
Perhaps one of my readers can help me get to the Trump team and share this with Trump in case it inspires him in any way in time for the speech. Besides what is written here, I have some particular great ideas that he can put in his speech and the Trump team can contact me and ask me to share with them what they are.
I hope such ideas can help Trump to give a great speech and to run a great administration and ultimately make America great again. There have been many great moments in inaugural speeches. The famous lines, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” and, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country,” were spoken while presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy were delivering thus. Maybe in Trump’s inaugural there will also be a line or two that will be stirring and inspiring enough to make it into the history books.


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