Recycling Made Better

When I looked at the big problem of the poor people rummaging through the dump, I got some ideas. What they do is collect things that can be sold to make some money. Most of the things are sold for recycling purposes. They are sent to industrial plants where they are destroyed so their materials can be reused again. But what if the common items can be directly recycled by being reused? What if it can be done for the poor people as well?

For example, what if old clothes were used to make tents? What if cans were used to build something or to be reused for storing things. However, one thing I realize is that all such items are not designed in such a way that they can be reused another way, they are not for multipurpose. For example, you can stack soda cans on top of one another, but they will not stick. If they were designed so that putting one can on top of another results in a click and they stick, it would be much better. All stuff should be designed with consideration like this. In fact, it would result in benefits other than reusing as well.

One example is making cans cylindrical and able to stick together on all sides. This is a great idea in more ways than one. The cans take up less space and in packing, one does not need something to hold them together. A big environmental problem is that plastic rings are used to hold cans together. These rings, when discarded, often go into the environment where animals may get stuck in them and if they grow, they will get mutilated and killed. In any case, the plastic pollutes. But if cans are designed to stick together, there would be no need for rings. There would just be cans and they could be reused for a variety of purposes, especially by poor people. As for holding the cans, there can be a rounded section which can easily fit in hands. It is best that they have a banana-like texture.

Banana designs for items used by people are a very good idea. Bananas are fruit eaten by primates and so are made to be handled by hands. They are a good model. In fact, nature and biology is generally a good model for human creativity. Living organisms are purpose-oriented systems who have been designed to perfection by nature and they also are in harmony with nature. Yet, I see that the great variety of things that we are producing almost never take any inspiration from that. I see that only the most necessary things, the car wheel and handle, have a banana texture.  

In conclusion, remember the three rules which seem to be the main instructions for saving the environment and attaining a sustainable existence, reduce, reuse, and recycle? But what about changing what we are doing and doing it in a different way? Without going into any more suggestions, I suggest that in order to improve this world, we consider moving towards this direction.


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